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CBGI is currently developing an innovative water testing system, a Multiple Simultaneous Immunologic/Reagent Testing System (M-SIRTS), in which common chemicals and biologicals and their concentrations can be detected by using standard reagent chemistry and colorimetry and/or a unique form of immunoassay/ELISA test.

The M-SIRTS uses a hand held, three part cassette to both take the sample and to process it. The sample is captured and them processed within the cassette. The cassette is then put into a portable detector which reads the color of the sample/reagent in each well to determine the concentration of analyte. The current planned configuration of the cassette includes 100+ wells, which would enable simultaneous sampling of a number of chemical or immunological tests as well as the necessary calibration wells within 10 minutes. We also have a cassette that can detect organisms such as e. coli in concentrations as low as 1 per 100 mL.

Currently, CBGI has a functional cassette prototype and has demonstrated “proof of concept” for colorimetric detection of a variety of chemicals. There are three separate aspects of the CBGI technology, two revolutionary and one inventive. The revolutionary aspects are the test cassette designs (small-well and large-well) and the immunological assays (Single-Step Immunological Assay, SSIA, and Single-Step Immunological Assay for Multiple Analytes, SSIAMA). The inventive parts are the detector that brings the whole system together and the way our cassette and detector technology allow the use of standard laboratory reagent chemistry and colorimetry in a completely new way.

M-SIRTS can be packaged as: 1) portable/field deployable units, 2) free-standing laboratory units, 3) in-line process units, 4) submersible autonomous continuous monitoring units, and 5) free-standing retail kiosks.
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